Canopy Row, also called The Canopy, is a neighborhood in southwestern Marielda.

History Edit

The Quiet Year Edit

Canopy Row was historically a slum due to its proximity to the unsettling Western Wood, but it was Canopy Row's houses which held up best during the seismic activity when Samothes pulled Marielda away from the continent.

The community's name gained a double meaning after the community built a large net to shield their roofs from the rocks filled with fresh fish that Samothes launched onto the city weekly.

Later history Edit

In the time after the Quiet Year, most of Canopy Row became officially known as Orchid Parish, though some of the worst sections of the neighborhood became part of Helianthus Parish.

Origin Edit

The name of the neighborhood is in part an allusion to John Steinbeck's Cannery Row.

See also Edit

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