Bolster Valentine was a powerful mage who arrived in Marielda with the sudden appearance of a school during the Quiet Year.

History Edit

Marielda's mage tower, which appeared from nowhere, was home to a school led by Bolster and Charter Castille. It was during Bolster's time in the city that he wrote Mortal Liminality: On the Space Between Life and Death.

Bolster was eventually killed when pala-din doused him in lava water. His ghost returned fifteen years later when summoned into the physical realm by Castille, who did not remember their past partnership. After he began assaulting her, blaming her for his death, she trapped him in a spirit bottle. Bolster was later released from the bottle while in the basement of Memoriam College, and continued his attack of her. However, following a blast from Sige's magic gun and a punch from the fist of a ghostly Castille, Bolster's ghost was destroyed by Maelgwyn.

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