This article is about the group. For the episode, see "Boat Party?"
Boat Party is the nickname given to the group of Hella, Lem, and Fero in Autumn in Hieron, as well as the nautical bacchanal that the group engages on at one point.

Adventure Edit

Following the events on Eventide Island, the three are hired in a Velas pub by Gregalos to go south and investigate another pre-Erasure tower near Rosemerrow. With Morbash encroaching to capture Lem, the three decide to enlist the very sloshed Captain Calhoun to help them leave the city by boat, by means of embarking on a drunken Boat Party. However, as the group sails south towards Rosemerrow, they are waylaid by the Kingdom Come, piloted by the now-undead Captain Brandish, who Hella fought once before.

Casualties are high on both sides, before Hella decides to take Brandish's offer of giving up Calhoun in exchange for an end to the fighting. The group then deviates from their original quest to track Brandish down and rescue Calhoun. They make their way to Brandish's flourishing home city of Nacre, the land ruled by the line of Tristero, god of death. Lem is astounded by the things he sees and tries to strike up a friendship with Emmanuel, who he recognizes from Brandish's crew. Eventually, the outsiders are recognized and a fight breaks out, during which Hella is grievously injured. On death's door, she encounters Tristero himself, who brings her back to life on the condition that he must kill Captain Calhoun, whose real name is Angelo Tristé.

The three are brought into an amicable but threatening custody. Fero visits the zoo and studies the essence of the panther, a mystical local bird. They learn that Angelo is to be put on trial for the murder of his father Tristero. Upon visiting Angelo, Hella tearfully strangles him, killing him three times in a row as he passes from life to undeath to a ghostly form before dying. As a result, Hella is put on trial instead, with Fero taking her defense while Lem is forced to act as prosecutor.

Meanwhile, Fero has noticed Ordennan warships gathering on the horizon, and warn the public of this during the trial. Hella is found innocent but Lem is found in contempt of court for failing to provide a sufficient case, and condemned to stay in Nacre and work off his sin. As the city begins to be bombarded, Lem escapes and has an emotional meeting with Emmanuel at his bakery. Hella kills Adelaide Tristé with her sword. The three escape the city and return to Velas.

Members Edit

Episodes Edit

  1. "What's a Good Name For A Ship?"
  2. "Boat Party?"
  3. "I'm Not Happy With This Decision At All"
  4. "Like Sneaky Little Sneaks"
  5. "What A Surprise"
  6. "Have You Ever Swung A Sword At A Ghost Before?"
  7. "As Death's Eyes Look Over the World"
  8. "Violence Mulligan Mulligan"
  9. "The Storm Over Tristero"
  10. "Spinning Straw Out of Gold"
  11. "Work Off Your Sins"
  12. "The Shores of Ordenna"

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