• Goodbyemisery

    Adopting the wiki

    March 6, 2017 by Goodbyemisery

    Since it's been over a year since the founder/admin of this wiki has made any edits here and I'd like to continue improving the site, I've submitted an adoption request to the Wikia community. I know I'm pretty much the only person who's been editing the site recently but I do know from some of the artists I've spoken to about using their work on the site that it's a resource people would like to have. I haven't done a whole lot of promo at this point but I think once there's an active admin I'd feel comfortable reaching out to the podcasters and hopefully get a link on the Friends at the Table website alongside the COUNTER/Weight wiki and maybe a shoutout on the show or its twitter, which would go a good ways in letting more people know th…

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