For the game used during the Marielda season, see Blades in the Dark.
The Blade in the Dark is a magical sword made by the Yellow House wielded by Hella Varal which contains the accumulated knowledge of many. Hella can consult the spirits which reside in the sword. The appearance of the weapon has changed and grown over time.

Enchantment Edit

A tool crafted under shadow by the apocalyptic scholars of the Yellow House. And theorized by some members of The University, including the esoteric Charter Castille, to be able to use the power of the Dark to hold off the coming of the Heat.

Samol, "The Killing of the King-God Samothes By The Traitor Prince Maelgwyn Pt. 4"

The Yellow House, who believe that the Dark precedes the Heat, made the blade in a misguided attempt to create a tool that could protect Hieron from destruction.

Due to its powerful enchantment and its ability to harm ghosts and other magical beings, many, including Hella herself, mistake it for Ordennan steel.

Appearance and history Edit

Pre-Erasure Edit

When first seen in Marielda, it was a knife wielded by Mister Calendar glowing with a strange energy which, when twirled in his hands, had a mesmerizing effect.

While in Maelgwyn's possession, the blade grew as it was used from a knife to a kukri to a longsword, though he seemed unaware of this. It is not known what happened to the blade after Maelgwyn killed his father Samothes with it.

Post-Erasure Edit

The Blade in the Dark reappeared many years later, when a teenage Hella Varal was given it in lieu of payment by an Ordennan farmer after she and her father had slain the wolves that were hunting his livestock.

As Hella's blade, it was a sharp, well-crafted sword with rubies on its bronze hilt. Hella generally wields it one-handed but occasionally uses two hands for extra power.[1] When she killed the glowing fallen star in "A Chaotic Cataloging", the central gem turned into a white diamond with a prick of red in the middle.

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