Baron's Gate is a village formed around a pre-Erasure fortress on the road between the New Archives and the Mark of the Erasure.

Appearance Edit

The main feature of Baron's Gate is a wide octagonal tower, eight stories tall, with a firepole in the center for fast descent. Atop the tower is a dome with the symbol of Samothes coming from its apex. Thin arrowslits are placed around the tower's walls.

Surrounding the tower are a number of smaller, post-Erasure shacks and houses.

History Edit

Though the fortress which distinguishes Baron's Gate from any other village on the roads northeast of Rosemerrow is very old, the settlement itself dates back to some point in the past hundred years.

For a long time, Baron's Gate was the farthest west in Hieron that Ephrim had ever traveled. While moving around during his education, most places changed a lot every time he came back to them, but Baron's Gate was a sort of constant; always a big fortress tower surrounded by huts and tents, and even those were about the same. He has deep nostalgia for the place, and fond memories of a chicken and herb dish he ate there.

Settlements in Hieron
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