Arrell is a scholar and mage living in Rosemerrow's Wistful Peaks.

His correspondence with Exarch Alyosha forms the episode descriptions for episodes 1 through 10 of Winter in Hieron.

Appearance Edit

Arrell is a square-jawed man with slick black hair who wears mage's robes and carries a staff.

History and studies Edit

Spoiler: Winter in Hieron Episode 12

Through investigating Arrell's apartment in Wistful Peaks, Hadrian, Throndir, and Ephrim discover that Arrell was a mage trained at The Last University. Although he was not particularly talented in practical magic or theory, his skills as a teacher and communicator allowed him to become an accredited mage and a professor at the university, thus becoming Tutor Arrell.

His status at The Last University gave him access to otherwise forbidden books, wherein he learned about The Heat and the Dark. Knowledge of the Heat and the Dark drove Arrell to abandon his position at the university, and dedicated himself to trying to combat The Heat and the Dark instead. He formulated a method to whisk individuals away to an alternate space he called The Study, a solitary heaven within their own minds where they would have an infinite amount of time to contemplate The Heat and the Dark, in the hopes that someone would be able to use that time to discover a solution. A list of people Arrell plans on whisking away is found within his apartment.

In abandoning his position as a teacher, Arrell gave up the name Tutor, and took up the title of wizard to distinguish himself from the mages. To facilitate his plans (such as stealing the Book of Life) without his identity being discovered by the Cult of the Dark Sun, Arrell "took a step back" from this physical plane of existence to become invisible, and "cuts out part of his story and gives it flesh," thus creating The Great Fantasmo, while Arrell himself acts as Fantasmo's invisible servant.

Arrell considers Samot a possible ally against the Cult of the Dark Sun, and began to suddenly consider Samot a close friend in his correspondence, most likely in response to Fantasmo's botched Charm spell during "Why Are You Here, Again?".

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