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Adelaide Tristé IV was an empress in the line of Tristero and is now the goddess of death within Nacre.

History Edit

Adelaide, like her father Tristero before her, dreams of a world without death, and put her plan into action after being killed by Hella while Ordenna sacked Nacre.

Upon being killed with Hella's sword, Adelaide took over for her brother Angelo as the god of death within Nacre. She now rules over her domain from some spectral underworld version of Nacre's now-destroyed palace.

'Curse' of Nacre Edit

Because of the magic of the city, anyone who has spent a night in Nacre brings the city wherever they go, meaning that the movements of Ordennan soldiers, the Boat Party, and refugees from Nacre have begun to spread her dominion across northeastern Hieron.

Adelaide holds the right of decision over whether to let people slip into the Nothing and experience 'true death' if they are killed in her domain, although those killed with Ordennan steel are beyond her reach. Because of her beliefs about death, people who die within her empire will generally come back undead unless she has a reason to prefer them otherwise.

When Throndir was killed by the wizard Arrell in "Is There Anyone Else?" he met with Adelaide, who offered him the choice to either die completely or come back fully alive, in return for doing her an unspecified favor later. However, Throndir instead took a competing offer, coming back as a vampire of the Golden Lance, a form of undeath different from the one she grants her subjects.

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