Adaire Ducarte, the Thief, is a cartographer and con artist living in post-Erasure Hieron.

Appearance Edit

Adaire has shifty eyes, and a soft body. She wears her hair in a snood cap and wrapped braid, akin to the style seen in Leonardo Da Vinci's La Bella Principessa. She keeps herself covered from the neck down in blue and brown clothes that "look fancy if you don't know what fancy looks like", with a leather armor bodice, gloves, a capelet, and a poofy skirt.

Personality Edit

Not every thief has a good understanding of valuables. Some valuables can't be stolen. Some have to be paid for.

–Adaire, "Is There Anyone Else?"

Adaire acts based on her own interests, but is always on the lookout for arrangements she considers mutually beneficial. She is talkative and personable, but her proclivity for wheeling and dealing can seem equivocal to a fault. She is mistrustful of authorities such as the Church of Samothes.

Alignment Edit

Adaire's alignment is neutral. She gains experience whenever she avoids detection or infiltrates a location.

Bonds Edit

La bella principessa

La Bella Principessa, attributed to Leonardo da Vinci

Old Edit

  • I don't trust Hadrian any more than I trust his church.
  • Hella has my back when things go wrong.

Current Edit

  • Church or not, Hadrian has more use than most of his sort.
  • Throndir knows things that I can benefit from.
  • Hella's loyalty is a tremendous and unreliable asset; cultivate it actively.

History Edit

Born Addie Kneath-Forman, Adaire had begun going by her current name by the time she left her hometown of Velas. There are still warrants out for her arrest for selling her sleeping concoction as a patent medicine in a village near the city. She later sold the same substance for a while in Rosemerrow to scrounge up some cash, though this time merely advertised as a sleep aid.

Abilities Edit

Adaire knows more than she lets on.

  • Connections - Adaire can put word out to the criminal underbelly about something she wants or needs, and they can usually get it for her.
  • Poisoner - Adaire has mastered the use of a sleeping poison. It must be applied to something the target consumes.
  • Shoot First - Adaire never lets herself be caught by surprise, and manages to act first whenever an enemy would have the drop on her.

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